Rotary Club

Ms Klischan, what does your involvement in Rotary mean to you?

"First of all, the Rotary Club of Ibiza gives me and all the other members the opportunity to give something back to this island. We live a life in paradise. But we must not forget those who have not been so lucky in life. Because also here, in Ibiza, people fight every day for a better life. That is why I was president of our club, founded in 1985, for two years during the Corona pandemic.

Rotary Club Denise Klischan

But also at the international level, Rotary offers me an incredible number of creative opportunities.

I am also a founding member and secretary of the Rotary Action Group for Menstrual Health and Hygiene: worldwide, we want to improve the lives of girls and women and focus on the problem of menstrual poverty in industrialized countries, along with cheaper and more sustainable alternatives to disposable hygiene products.

This is a problem that has been given too little attention so far.
I’m happy to be able to do something here."