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legal advice for Real Estate Law


Much more than competent advice on international legal relations.

Are you looking for experienced specialists in the field of real estate law?
Do you need mediation for conciliation talks?

In our law firm, you will find professional competence paired with empathy. We are a multinational team of passionate problem solvers. Since 2007, we have been dealing with complex cases with patience and perseverance, negotiating with an exceptionally high success rate in German, English and Spanish.

Advice on real estate law includes, among other things:

Drafting of private contracts of sale and purchase

Preparation of the public purchase deed and accompaniment to the notary

Declaration of end of construction works

Registration of buildings in the Land Registry and/or Cadastre

Correction of plot sizes in the Land Registry and/or Cadastre

Preparation of legal reports on real estate

Establish contact with a tax advisor

Work out together the most appropriate personal structure for the acquisition of your property

Ms Klischan, what makes your firm stand out from others?

"That's a good question. Actually, you might think: law is law and for that I need first and foremost competence. We see it a little differently: real estate law, in particular, is often associated with emotions. It is not enough to be professionally better than others in this process; but also, on a human level.

I think this is where we make the difference. Apart from that, we advise clients from more than 35 countries and the answer to how to deal with these different mindsets is not to be found in any law.”

You have lived in Ibiza and been working in real estate law since 2004, since 2007 with your own firm. Would you consider yourself a "veteran"?

"In terms of experience: Yes. In all these years, I have supervised and accompanied about 500 cases, and I have learned new things with each of them. Although, I would say: in terms of my curiosity and inquisitiveness, I am not a veteran.

We approach each process in a new and individual way. And this is necessary: every client has his own story, every case its own DNA and it is always associated with a huge responsibility. To rest on our laurels and think that "I've seen it all" would be counterproductive.

We are an international and multilingual team from Germany, Spain and Romania.